Geert Flamand, Els Claes, Jean-Philippe Bauvin, Dominique Huart, Sim Van Herwegen, Dominique Guerrier-Dubarle, Tom Roelofs, Sylvie Rogien, Jan Hanraets, Elvire Evrard, Bert Van Looveren, Philippe Laho, Petra Lips, Heleen Van Trijp, Jean-Luc Debroux, Artur Zerdzinski, Magdalena Slezak, Susanne Helder, Sylvain Fondu.

The f-la design firm is skilled in:

  • the design of gardens, parks, landscapes and urban sites,
  • the development of master plans with a special focus on sustainability; broader ecological, environmental infrastructural and sociocultural processus
  • Brownfield recovery;
  • restoration of historical gardens and parks;
  • study and inventory of the tree patrimony, as well as the study of the phytosanitary condition of trees;
  • forestry, management plants for green and urban areas, as well as rural areas;
  • hydraulic research and the study of freshwater ecology;
  • horticultural advice regarding: tree nurseries, soil, planting, pruning methods, determination of ornamental plants, diseases;

More than being just a project, each of our sites becomes a evolving dynamic and civic living process.